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Having worked on the back-end of the website for the past few weeks, we are proud to be able to announce the addition of the “Template Depository” page. On this page, you will find links to download templates, guidelines, and various other files that may prove useful to the marine consultant, active mariner, marine manager, and generally anyone with an interest.

These files (unless otherwise noted) are shared on the Creative Commons Zero v1.0 License meaning that you may use them as you see fit. However, we do not warrant or accept any liability for the use of the documents. If you do commercially use the documents then a note or reference to the Aluciant website as a source for the template would be appreciated.

If you have templates you would like to share please forward them to us (details on the home page) and we can ensure they are suitable before adding them to the list of templates available for download, we will acknowledge your generosity and input to the wider community.

As we add templates we will post about each one on the site, and through shared links on LinkedIn and our other social media outlets.

We are starting the ball rolling with the addition of a “DP Annual Trials” template. This template is based on the following guidelines:

  • IMCA M109 – A guide to DP related documentation for DP vessels (Rev.2)
  • IMCA M190 – Guidance for developing and Conducting Annual DP Trials Programmes for DP Vessels (Rev.1)
  • MTS TECHOP_ODP_08_(O) – Annual DP Trials and Gap Analysis (Sept. 2014)
  • OCIMF – Dynamic Positioning (DP) Failure Mode Effects Analysis Assurance Framework Risk-based Guidance (June 2020)
  • DNV-RP-D102 – DNV Recommended Practice for FMEA – January 2012. (Headings and order of trials, so the Annual Trails program can be used for the Proving Trials Program)
  • IMO Guidelines for Vessels and Units with Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems – Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) Circular 1580. (MSC.1/Circ. 1580 – 16 June 2017)

As part of the first batch of templates is also the “Standard Abbreviations List” which details quite a few of the abbreviations used within the industry. If you feel there are some missing please reach out and we can update the document.

While every effort has been made to ensure the documents are fault and virus free (full scan before upload, regular checks of the files on the web server, etc.) we still recommend you check with your provider, IT department, or virus scan software before opening the files as we will not accept any liability for any damages caused by the use of the documents provided.