Today we are pleased to add three templates available to download on the website. They are similar, hence adding them together.

The “ISM Internal Audit” template offers a checklist-style method to complete an internal ISM audit of a vessel. This is a “one-size” type document that can be deployed on any vessel worldwide, with easy cross-reference to the actual code.

The “ISPS Internal Audit” template includes reference and guidance that covers the requirements of the ISPS code. This also explains that the ISPS internal audit cannot generate non-conformities.

The “MLC Internal Audit” verifies that the vessel is implementing the MLC requirements and the crew is being cared for.

We hope you find the templates useful, and again, while every effort has been made to ensure the documents are fault and virus free (full scan before upload, regular checks of the files on the webserver, etc.) we still recommend you check with your provider, IT department, or virus scan software before opening the files as we will not accept any liability for any damages caused by the use of the documents provided.

These files (unless otherwise noted) are shared on the Creative Commons Zero v1.0 License meaning that you may use them as you see fit. However, we do not warrant or accept any liability for the use of the documents. If you do commercially use the documents then a note or reference to the Aluciant website as a source for the template would be appreciated.