Continuing on the sharing of files for those in the industry we are pleased to provide the following files for general use. These are mainly used for Marine Warranty Services (MWS).

On/Off Hire Survey Report – This is for the general condition and ROB’s of a vessel coming on or off-hire for a client. This file is generally used in the offshore industry for the spot market or similar.

Short Form – Vessel & Equipment Survey – This is an abbreviated version of the suitability survey that is used within the industry for the Marine Warranty Services (MWS) specifically for short projects or support vessels for a project. For example, a towing vessel moving an asset from one berth to another, or to the breakwaters of a port and handing over to an ocean-going tug. Generally smaller vessels with a short period of work within the project.

While every effort has been made to ensure the documents are fault and virus free (full scan prior to upload, regular checks of the files on the web server, etc.) we still recommend you check with your own provider, IT department, or virus scan software before opening the files as we will not accept any liability for any damages caused by the use of the documents provided.

These files (unless otherwise noted) are shared on the Creative Commons Zero v1.0 License meaning that you may use them as you see fit. However, we do not warrant or accept any liability for the use of the documents. If you do commercially use the documents then a note or reference to the Aluciant website as a source for the template would be appreciated.