Remote Vessel Assurance

  • April 13, 2020
  • Aluciant, LLC

As part of our enhanced survey and inspection processes, we have adapted our web-based survey documents (moving them from beta-testing for this purpose only) for the remote assurance of vessels that are unable to be attended by one of our surveyors.

During the difficulty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in response to this, OCIMF and IMCA have released numerous memos and bulletins, generally allowing the continued use of inspection reports past the normal twelve (12) month validity.

Management of Change for the acceptance of a report older than twelve (12) months may be acceptable, however, our experience and with close cooperation with clients & colleagues, we have identified that a verification process to mitigate the risks that may go unchecked is desirable. After all, many things could have changed in one year. Updates to the SMS, change of flag, crewing, management and operational area to name a few.

This remote assurance service/process does not replace an attendance by an inspector when available for an industry-standard inspection but does mitigate the risk of having a vessel operating in the field without a recent assurance process being completed for their operations.

Generally, this online assurance process is geared towards assets that are at the end of their normal twelve (12) month period of validity for industry-standard inspection that will continue their normal operations (for example, logistics vessels/supply vessels, crew boats, routine & repetitive operations, etc.) It verifies, with evidence provided from the vessel, that the vessel continues to be operated without major changes from the previous year and allows for a risk mitigation/assurance process being documented.

The process is streamlined so that verification is not started until receipt of the requested information and documentation. Data protection and security are a priority in the process, along with timeliness with the expected completion of reports within two (2) days of receipt of all the information requested.

Please use the contact form on our home page, or call us direct, to discuss if this solution will work for you and your operations and to access the test page of our web-based system.

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